A “getaway” drive on the weekend may take you to the district of Turrubares, an area just far enough away from the traffic-clogged city of San José to be in the countryside with mountainous scenery, rivers, and waterfalls. Its camping areas, nature reserves, and home to Turu Ba Ri Nature & Adventure Park, present attractions for both locals and visitors alike. The district is dotted with small communities and farms. Still in San Jose province, but bordered by the provinces of Alajuela and Puntarenas, once you leave the main highways, you are in a different world. It’s a world between city life and beach culture and has access to both if you so choose. But you may not have access to the #Internet — at least not to reliable #Internet. Choosing to live here may mean giving up that essential luxury we take for granted in more populated areas. But these days it is more of a necessity than a luxury. How does one get internet access where there is none?

An internet service provider, Itellum had a vision and made bridging the “digital divide” its mission using rural satellite Internet. Its CEO and founder, Tim Foss expressed this last year when the company received government approval as the first satellite Internet provider, “We are committed to closing the digital divide in #CostaRica and we want to be taken into account for the development of projects where it is impossible to deploy fiber optics, copper or coaxial cable and even where there is no coverage of 3G and 4G mobile networks.” 

They were able to rise to the challenge by employing the HughesNet Jupiter2 Satellite that covers 97% of the country with High-Speed Satellite Internet. It’s a Ka-Band High-Throughput Satellite that is already bringing the Fastest Satellite Internet available to the over 400 installations they have completed in the last year! This is proof that even the remotest areas can be connected with Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband. If you live, work, or have a business in the #Turrubares district, this should pique your interest.

Itellum Satellite Broadband Internet service has proven to be beneficial in rural areas, including:

Homes: Families can access the Internet for entertainment, education, and communication purposes.

Businesses: Itellum’s High-Throughput Satellite Internet can be used for online transactions, remote work, and digital marketing, among other things. The influx of Digital Nomads is increasing and they tend to look for areas like Turrubares and require the Best Satellite Broadband Possible.

Schools: With digital learning becoming the new normal, Itellum’s Internet Services can help schools access online learning resources and conduct virtual classes.

Medical facilities: Patients in rural areas can receive online services from healthcare providers via Secure and Fast Satellite Services, making it easier for them to access medical attention when it is not possible to travel to a clinic.

Institutions: Libraries and government agencies can offer online services to customers without worrying about unreliable or no Internet access.

Emergency services: In times of emergencies, Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband are critical for communication and accessing information. Resistant to inclement weather, it may be the only internet system operating if there are towers and cables down.

Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet provides an effective solution to the rural digital divide, delivering reliable, affordable, and high-speed Internet access to communities that need it most. For further information contact us now!