Yes, it’s #Costa Rica but it’s Pura Vida Caribbean-style! #Limón culture, natural setting, and ambiance are a unique jewel that almost feels like you are in a different country. The city has three major Atlantic ports that export the country’s products and is the primary port of entry foor goods.

The ports and related businesses are the main sources of income for the residents here. With its laid-back Caribbean vibe, and its eastern location, it somehow lags behind when it comes to secure and reliable internet.

Although much of Limón has access to DSL, cable, fiber optics, and of course the dreaded dial-up, it is not readily available throughout the city and outskirts. Enter Itellum with Satellite Internet. But what makes this technology an attractive option? Let’s check it out…

For Households

High-Speed Satellite Internet offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to other expensive providers like fiber optics, DSL, and cable companies. Since there’s no need for physical infrastructure, users don’t have to wait for miles and miles of wired networks to be installed in their neighborhood or worry about dealing with unreliable service providers. The speeds offered are sufficient to stream video!

For Schools

Schools benefit from Fast Satellite Internet too because teachers can easily access a broad array of educational materials from anywhere in the world. Students can take advantage of the #Internet for studying, researching class projects, and communicating with other classmates either at school or from home.

For Hospitals, Clinic, and other Medical Facilities

A main concern for the medical profession is the availability of health-related information. This is possible through Itellum Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband. Communication and transfer of information become a simple process without data loss and connection cut-offs.

For the Port Facilities

With the increased capacity of the ports and their ability to accept larger ships, comes the need for Secure and Fast Satellite Services. Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and professionalism are top priorities as it is a sector of Costa Rica that deals internationally. High-Throughput Satellite Broadband enables the transmission of time-sensitive, important documents without slowdowns due to shared connections.

For Businesses

Every business can benefit from the Fastest Satellite Internet whether it’s to increase their customer base or provide a service for their customers. Businesses in town have the advantage of having their clients within reach but can increase sales through social media and other online advertising methods. Travel north from the city, up the canals and the tourism operations have more of a challenge attracting tourists and being able to offer them reliable internet connections. Rural Satellite Internet solves this problem.

For Everyone

If you are located in a remote area, this technology is available to you. Even if you are in an area that has terrestrial Internet but are unsatisfied with its reliability, you can still get Satellite Broadband Internet. In fact, Itellum use of the HughesNet Jupiter2 satellite now covers 97% of the country. The new technology and the professional and streamlined installation is not affected by inclement weather as many people may believe.

Ultimately, Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet is bridging the gap between those who can access the web and those who cannot. The possibilities are no longer limited. Thanks to Itellum, Costa Rica’s digital divide is dying. You must contact us now!