You may be on your way to the southern border at Paso Canoas or going to shop at the duty-free in Golfito. Either way, it can be very convenient to stay in one of the many small hotels, motels, or cabinas in Rio Claro. Living in the area also has its benefits, like exploring the rivers, waterfalls, and small caverns with crystal clear waters. You may work in the commercial area of the town or in an agricultural area but, chances are you may travel a minimum of 30 minutes to get to work in Ciudad Neily or #Golfito. However, working remotely from your home could be a possibility if you have reliable #Internet. But that may actually pose a problem in some parts. If the internet that you can depend on has not yet come to your area, you may want to consider Internet via satellite by the internet service provider, Itellum. 

Satellite Broadband Internet may indeed solve your connectivity dilemma, so let’s answer some frequently asked questions here:

How is Itellum able to offer this service?

Last year the company was granted the position of Costa Rica’s first satellite Internet provider. They are using the HughesNet Jupiter2 satellite that gives connectivity to 97% of the geographical area of the country including rural areas and areas not previously connected.

When will High-Throughput Satellite Internet come to Rio Claro?

Since Rural Satellite Internet is beamed to you directly from a satellite orbiting the earth, there is no need to wait for the wired infrastructure to be built. Traditional internet sources like DSL, Cable, and Fiber optics require a wired network to be physically installed in your area. With satellite internet, all the necessary equipment is installed at your home or business and is only a phone call away.

How long can the installation take??

The experienced Itellum technicians know their jobs well and do an efficient installation to bring you the Fastest Satellite Internet Available in a minimal amount of time, usually a few hours. Their work provides you with a worry-free service that is professional and stands the test of time and adverse weather conditions.

Is Itellum satellite Internet reliable?

It is a misconception that High-Speed Satellite Broadband Internet can be unpredictable during rain, wind, and other types of weather common around #RíoClaro. Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband are possible because it does not have cable connections and hubs that can be affected by inclement weather and there are no poles that can be destroyed during floods, storms, or vehicle accidents. You don’t have to wait for the infrastructure to be repaired before you can get your service back. Satellite Internet recovers very quickly and as a result, is very useful during natural emergencies.

How do I know iTellum will honor this service for years to come?

Itellum has been connecting companies and individuals via fiber optic internet since 20??. Last year the CEO and Founder, Tim Foss announced, “We will connect as many under-connected and disconnected students, teachers, schools, health facilities, rural towns, beaches, parks, and Indigenous zones as quickly as possible throughout Costa Rica with HughesNet High-Speed Satellite Internet. Itellum has a greenfield opportunity to quickly begin connecting the forgotten, ignored, and overlooked rural zones.”

Since that time, the company has completed over 400 rural installations. This proves they are making their vision a reality. Itellum is Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet and their intention to live up to their promise rings true.  So you don´t have to wait more. Contact us now!