When people hear the name “Tárcoles”, they automatically think of the river and crocodiles. But what about the town and its surroundings? A drive through the town sends you on paved roads and dirt roads, going north towards the river or south towards the town entrance with its crocodile sign in prominent view from the highway. Who would guess this unassuming seaside village would have so many attractions? The beaches, the crocodile river tours, the estuary teaming with birds, the Manantial de Agua waterfall, botanical gardens, a large resort, and hotels with jungle, river, and ocean views are all in the district of Tárcoles. With highway access so convenient, the towns of #Herradura and# Jaco are only a few minutes away. Add the fact that the port of Puntarenas is just to the north, cruise ship shore excursions also inject commerce into the area. The only thing that may elude you is Internet service that you can rely on.  

But In 2022, the government named the internet service provider, Itellum as the first satellite internet provider for Costa Rica. Shortly after that, the company began its quest to bridge the digital divide between urban areas and rural areas that suffer from intermittent service or no connection at all. Using the HughesNet Jupiter2 Satellite, they can supply under-connected and disconnected communities in 97% of the country.

Community Impact: Itellum’s Internet via Satellite has already significantly impacted rural communities. It can open doors to better educational opportunities through e-learning, facilitate remote work, enable access to telemedicine services, and bring about interaction between communities with High-Speed Satellite Internet.

• Accessibility and Reach: The Best Satellite Broadband Possible provides unparalleled reach, offering service even in the most remote and underserved areas. Unlike traditional internet service providers that rely on extensive ground infrastructure, there is no need to wait for their system to come to you.

  • Affordability: Fast Satellite Internet is a cost-effective solution for areas where terrestrial internet service might be prohibitively expensive to install. It removes the need for expensive ground infrastructure, passing those savings on to the customer.

• Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband: Satellite Internet offers a more stable connection compared to other sources of #Internet, especially in areas prone to natural disasters where terrestrial infrastructures like cables and towers may be easily damaged.

• Speed and Performance: Itellum delivers the Fastest Satellite Internet Available, enabling seamless streaming, efficient downloading, and smooth browsing. This performance is particularly critical for businesses and other organizations that rely on fast, reliable Internet for their operations.

• Supports Development: Rural communities can significantly benefit from the access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities that a reliable Internet connection provides. With high-throughput satellite Internet, these communities can tap into global resources and opportunities, fostering local development.

• Ease of Installation: Itellum’s team of experienced technicians bring all equipment necessary to have you connected with Satellite Broadband Internet in a few hours. Their professional installations coupled with new technology make the system resistant to nasty weather.

• Reliable Backup: If your primary Internet goes down, their Secure and Fast Satellite Services gives you a robust and reliable backup system so your operation continues without interruption

Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet is changing the way areas with little or no Internet live and work. Itellum has completed over 400 installations in the past year reaching remote areas throughout the country proving that they are achieving their mission to bridge the “digital divide” in Costa Rica.  So you don´t have to wait more. Contact us now!