Driving from Moín to Siquirres you pass through the District of Carrundi. Flat low-lying fields of vast banana plantations as far as you can see. The area is dotted with small villages, fincas, and large corporate operations like Chiquita, Del Monte, and Dole. This is “banana central” and these popular fruits are getting ready for exportation and headed to the port of Moín. From the port, they travel to importers all over the world. The people in this area are proud hard-working folks and many of the areas that they live in are often remote and not that easy to get to. But, the district borders the ocean and that means plenty of fish and seafood. It’s a more simple life with some rich rewards. But something that is not plentiful here or even reliable is internet access.

It’s difficult to get reliable #Internet here. How can this problem be solved? The answer is Rural Satellite Internet. Last year the internet service provider, Itellum was named the official satellite internet provider for the country. Let’s find out more.

Itellum is using the HughesNet Jupiter2 satellite that covers 97% of the country and they are currently installing Fast Satellite Internet in hard-to-reach areas throughout the country. 

• Their commitment is reinforced by Tim Foss, the Founder, and CEO of Itellum when he said last year, “We will connect as many under-connected and disconnected students, teachers, schools, health facilities, rural towns, beaches, parks, and indigenous zones as quickly as possible throughout Costa Rica with HughesNet High-Speed Satellite Internet Itellum has a greenfield opportunity to quickly begin connecting the forgotten, ignored, and overlooked rural zones.” In the last year, they have completed over 400 installations which shows their dedication to this awesome task.

•  High-Throughput Satellite Broadband is transmitted via a Ka-band radio signal from the Jupiter2 satellite orbiting the Earth directly to a receiver dish mounted on the roof of your home or business. It is the Fastest Satellite Internet Available and is fast enough to watch your favorite movies, play action-packed video games, or talk with friends and relatives without dropping the signal.

• With new technology, High-Speed Satellite Broadband Internet is resistant to bad weather like excessive rain. The professional installations done by experienced technicians minimize water infiltration giving you Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband.

Itellum´s Satellite Broadband Internet is now available in the #Carrandi area. Installation only takes a few hours and their technicians bring all the equipment needed. The only thing you have to do is have your smartphone or computer handy to connect to the Best Satellite Broadband Possible!

• If you are a business owner and already have an Internet connection, the Internet via satellite provides an excellent backup system that compliments your existing one. This is important if you require uninterrupted Secure and Fast Satellite Services. If your primary system goes down, your operations don’t have to stop.

 Many people have been waiting for Fiber Optic internet however, it can take a long time to build the infrastructure to bring internet to your area. Internet service providers have to weigh the expense of employing crews and equipment against the revenue they can achieve in a rural area. Unfortunately, the numbers often do not work in their favor so they cannot offer the service.

Itellums Rural Satellite Internet is changing the playing field. Now residents in rural and remote areas can have Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet no matter where they live or work. So you don´t have to wait more. Contact us now!