Cruising down coastal Highway 34, known as the Costanera, is a celebration of the senses. This area of the Central Pacific is often coined as “where the mountains meet the sea” and is blessed with breathtaking scenery throughout the area. Dotted with homes, farms, and attractions like Pozo Azul Waterfall, the Nauyaca Waterfalls, lush forests, and wildlife sanctuaries, the town of Dominical is sometimes referred to as “what Manuel Antonio was 20 years ago”. The town sits right on the beach, just past the tree line, and is comprised of only a few streets. However the area has tourist accommodations of all kinds, but no large resorts which makes it a natural and intimate setting. The surf is big and maintains consistency here due to the influence of the Baru river, so it’s a surfers’ haven and since the highway has been paved, it attracts more tourists and locals now, more than ever.

Despite being a favorable place to live and visit, it has always lacked when it comes to reliable internet. But that is changing right now with Itellum introduction of High-Speed Satellite Broadband Internet. Now even those residents and businesses in the mountains can have reliable Rural Satellite Internet. But how available and reliable can it be?

Available in 97% of the Country

Due to the utilization of HughesNet’s Jupiter2 satellite, High-Throughput Satellite Broadband is available almost everywhere in Costa Rica and includes the area in and around #Dominical. Since it’s not based on an “on-the-ground” infrastructure there is no need to wait for the cabling system to come to your area. With fiber optics and cable internet, the availability is limited by the ISP constructing the network where you live or work. With Itellum Internet via satellite, the signal is beamed directly to you — no wiring system needed!

Reliability is not an Issue

Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband can be installed quickly and involves no physical infrastructure to your location. All the hardware resides where you are and due to Itellum superior installation technicians, you will have access to the Fastest Satellite Internet Available. And in reference to a popular misconception, it’s not subject to inclement weather or other environmental conditions that can affect terrestrial services.

Satellite Internet is Fast

Contrary to popular belief, satellite internet is actually quite fast. Thanks to advances in technology, satellite internet speeds have increased dramatically in recent years and are now on par with terrestrial broadband speeds. So if you’re looking for Secure and Fast Satellite Services, Satellite Broadband Internet is a great option.

Multiple Plans

The Best Satellite Broadband Possible is also more affordable than you might think. Prices have come down significantly in recent years, making it a more viable option for budget-conscious consumers. Whether you are an individual consumer or a high-volume business, there is a plan that fits your needs.

Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet has arrived in the Central Pacific and the Dominical area can now reap the benefits.