As the name suggests, La Suiza was settled by Swiss immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century. Known to be a gateway to the farms of Tuis, it became more important due to the efforts of the Swiss that were responsible for the building of a school, police station, church, apothecary, and other public works. Today it is a picturesque town bordering the Tuis River surrounded by farms and small rustic getaways that take advantage of the beauty of the area

If you live in this area you can appreciate its allure and enjoy the freshness of the rivers and green hills and valleys. If you live outside of town though, you might want to have more of a link to the rest of the country or even the rest of the world. The best way to do that is with Fast Satellite Internet. If you want to know more, read on.

Gone are the days when households and businesses had to wait endlessly for the infrastructure of land-based connectivity like DSL and fiber optics to come to them. Now, with the High-Speed Satellite Internet from the internet service provider, Itellum, even the remotest locations can enjoy uninterrupted, high-speed internet!

With over 400 Rural Satellite Internet installations in the past year alone, Itellum covers 97% of Costa Rica using HughesNet’s Jupiter 2 satellite. The Ka-band signal is beamed directly from the satellite to you. You are not sharing a connection with your neighbors which can slow down the speed.

Many people share the belief that the Internet via satellite is unreliable in bad weather like heavy rain. However, High-Throughput Satellite Internet is resistant to inclement weather, ensuring that your connectivity remains uninterrupted even in adverse conditions. The experienced, professional technicians complete the installation quickly and efficiently following their proprietary guidelines that reduce the effect of any possible water infiltration. They bring all the necessary equipment so that all you need is the device you use to surf the net.

In the event of a disaster such as heavy rain, downed poles from natural causes, or a vehicle accident, Satellite Broadband Internet recovers quickly, restoring communications during critical times. Wired Internet can take days to restore under such circumstances, because of the need to erect new poles and reconnect cables and hubs. This can hinder emergency efforts and cause longer waiting times for those in need of help.

Itellum offers the Best Satellite Broadband Possible and the advantages to users are many:

Households: Satellite Internet gives households in remote areas access to high-speed, reliable Internet. This means that they can enjoy connectivity for streaming, communication, and entertainment without annoying buffering or bottlenecks in service.

Businesses: Companies can now enjoy seamless continuity of operations, without any interruption in connectivity. They can work remotely, upload and download files faster, and communicate efficiently, improving their productivity. It also serves as an essential backup system to maintain communication when your primary system fails.

Agricultural Operations: Farmers and agricultural workers who require high-speed Internet to monitor their crops, livestock, and market trends can now access the Fastest Satellite Internet Available.

Medical Facilities: Clinics and medical staff can depend on Secure and Fast Satellite Services to exchange sensitive files with hospitals and medical professionals in the GAM and even outside of the country.

Schools: Rural satellite Internet opens up avenues for teachers and students in remote areas to connect, learn, and share knowledge like never before. There’s a whole world of knowledge for young minds to discover and for teachers to improve their curriculums.

For #LaSuiza, the need to wait for the infrastructure of land-based internet like DSL and fiber optic to come to you is over. Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet is just a phone call away. So you don´t have to wait more. Contact us now!