Home of the Bizcocho and delicious #Bagaces cheese, the district of Bagaces is an “All-Tico” town, both welcoming and hospitable. There’s something comforting about the area; its scenery with waterfalls and rivers, the commitment to the conservation of the land, and the natural flora and fauna. Even its history is rich dating back to the 16th century when the town was named after the native tribal leader Chief Bagatzi. This era also marked the arrival of the Spanish. Much of the economy today is based on agriculture, with cattle and dairy farms and the production of rice and corn. If you think about it, this is the backbone of the Costa Rican diet. And of course, there is nothing more comforting than the smell of homemade corn tortillas and sizzling chicharrones. As one of the oldest communities in #Guanacaste, it is steeped in the tradition and culture of the area. However, it is a very forward-thinking community as well and the people embrace passing on the culture, the artistry, the music and dance, and the love of nature to the youth of Bagaces. By doing so they preserve the culture that could otherwise be lost. Communication is key.

The community could really benefit from the many advantages of solid Internet, especially in outlying areas. And so it stands to reason that the internet service provider Itellum, has recognized how Bagaces and other similar communities could enjoy the benefits of Rural Satellite Internet. Itellum and its founder Tim Foss had a vision; one that he voiced in 2022 when the company received official approval as the official satellite internet provider, “We are committed to closing the digital divide in Costa Rica and we want to be taken into account for the development of projects where it is impossible to deploy fiber optics, copper or coaxial cable and even where there is no coverage of 3G and 4G mobile networks.”

Ready to explore some of the benefits of Fast Satellite Internet for Bagaces?

Benefits to Households:

Access to High-Speed Satellite Internet

Entertainment streaming.

Quick and easy installation without the need for “on the ground” infrastructure and the waiting for it to be available at your location.

Benefits to Businesses:

High-Throughput Satellite Internet connectivity.

Seamless operations during downtimes when used as a backup system to the primary system.

Compatibility with most devices and platforms.

Secure access to cloud services for data storage

Scalability; your system can grow with you.

Benefits to Agricultural Operations:

Online Crop Management using the Best Satellite Broadband Possible

Access to improved farming practices through courses such as SRI (System of Rice Intensification)

Remote monitoring of livestock

Benefits to Medical Facilities:

Streaming video consultation using Secure and Fast Satellite Services 

Faster and safer access to patient records and other sensitive data.

Reliable communication during emergencies.

Benefits to Emergency Response Teams:

Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband during inclement weather.

Quick recovery after natural disasters.

Essential communications for first response services.

Benefits to Schools:

Internet via Satellite access to distance learning programs.

Online research for students and educators.

Compatibility with most devices and platforms.

Benefits to Institutional Entities such as Government Offices:

Satellite Broadband Internet for Online Applications and Services.

Improved access to community programs available through the municipality and online inquiries.

Accessibility of information and maintaining connections between people and business operations is an essential part of life today. Itellum, Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet Provider has completed over 400 rural installations in the past year, bridging the digital divide between urban and rural communities. So you don´t have to wait more. Contact us now!