Neily, officially became a city in 1973 and is the second largest city in #Puntarenas province in the southern zone. However, it was originally founded in 1946 and has managed to retain much of its Costa Rican rural charm while offering its inhabitants a self-contained environment with a town center that provides enough commerce to sustain its population. A unique blend of urban lifestyle and rural countryside, Neily is only 18 km from the border with Panama.

The surroundings give the city a unique scenic setting and commerce reaped the benefits in past years from the construction of the Inter-American Highway, the duty-free zone and port of Golfito, and the United Fruit Company. The area has rivers, lush vegetation, waterfalls, and crystal-clear pools that attract a tourist element enjoyed by locals and visitors. 342 km southeast of San José, Neily has its own infrastructure, with medical facilities, a hospital, major banks, law offices, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, shopping, entertainment, and hotels. Right now, a new amenity is in the making that benefits everyone here — High-Speed Satellite Internet! Itellum is in the process of bringing the Best Satellite Broadband Possible to Ciudad Neily in a big way. Using the HughesNet Jupiter2 satellite, Itellum can deliver Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet directly to the user.

Businesses, schools, and hospitals in this area can now receive satellite internet for the first time. This includes homes and remote areas not previously receiving internet services. It is no longer necessary to wait for cable or fiber optics to come to the area. This means that everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits that Secure and Fast Satellite Services has to offer. These include:

Fast speeds that allow you to surf the web, check email, and stream videos with ease.

• A wide range of plans that fit any budget, from home use to industrial.

No need for a phone line or cable connection.

• A reliable signal that works in 97% of the country including remote regions.

• Professional technicians that can have the system up and running quickly.

Think of what this means for this thriving community. Historically the principal economic activities of the Corredor district are the crops of African palm, banana, cocoa, rice, corn, vegetables, beans, and sorghum, in addition to livestock and forestry. However, the city has a variety of commercial entities that provide employment for the majority of the population. With rural satellite internet on the horizon, the expansion of income-generating activities can diversify. Its proximity to Panama can also be beneficial with an increased ability to communicate what goods and services Neily has to offer. 

High-Throughput Satellite Broadband allows the students and faculty of the schools and universities to perform research with consistency, without losing signal or experiencing such slow speeds that interrupt the educational process.

Tour companies can get their message out to their potential clients for hiking tours, spelunking, and visits to #Corcovado National Park whilst receiving bookings in an efficient manner. There are five airports in the area, the furthest is located in David, #Panama which makes for an excellent link to additional tourism opportunities. The closest is Coto 47 airport which is 6.6 km from the city center.

Ciudad Neily also loves their soccer team and games are always well-attended. One can always find something to do here. This community is a growing attraction to those not wanting to locate in the central valley and Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband of Itellum will “be the icing on the cake” for even more people to consider locating in this inviting community.