Have you ever crossed the border between #Costa Rica and #Panama? A small but now chaotically busy international town that embraces both sides of the border between Costa Rica and Panama had humble beginnings. However, today Paso Canoas is a hub of cross-border trade activity with customs and immigration offices on both sides to facilitate the growing commercial activity between the two countries. It also caters to a tourist trade that crosses on foot and all other types of ground transportation. As a result, the town is a labyrinth of small and large stores selling all types of goods at reasonable prices, sodas, restaurants, and hotels that contribute to Paso Canoas or Paso “Chaos’” unique charm. The people of this area make their livelihood from the commercial enterprises here and although there is some agricultural activity, one might say it is less diverse as compared to many other places in the country.

So it stands to reason that #Internet plays a big part in everyone’s lives. How could government offices, commercial areas, medical facilities, and schools survive without it? The fact is, there is Internet here however it is not always the most reliable and for those just outside of the town it may be non-existent. In today’s interconnected world, Internet access has become much more than just a luxury – it’s a fundamental necessity for businesses, institutions, and households alike. Enter Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet provided by the ISP, Itellum.

The advantages of rural satellite Internet are significant and varied, from quick and easy setup to uninterrupted access at all times, to compatibility with various devices and platforms. 

Let’s explore some more.

Quick and easy set-up: One of the most significant benefits of Satellite Internet is the ease of installation. Itellum Internet via Satellite system requires no infrastructure on the ground, so it can be set up quickly by their professional technicians. They bring all the necessary equipment and provide you with the “know-how” to set up all your devices. 

Robust backup to conventional fiber optic and DSL-based internet: Secure and Fast Satellite Services act as a secure backup to traditional land-based internet services, such as fiber optic and DSL, ensuring seamless business operations even during downtimes.

Emergency Recovery: Since Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband require no terrestrial infrastructure, it is not as vulnerable to bad weather, or mudslides that can destroy wired networks. You need not worry about the transport truck taking out a pole along the highway. And High-Throughput Satellite Broadband recovers quickly and can be up and running quickly after a natural disaster. This can help emergency responders and medical facilities be more effective.

More Entertainment Options: Satellite Broadband Internet can allow household users to surf the web, stream videos, and music, and play online games seamlessly. Their use of the HughesNet Jupiter2 satellite, which covers 97% of Costa Rica, makes it the Fastest Satellite Internet Available in the country.

Educational Improvements: With the number of educational institutions in the area, the need for improvement is always a factor. Fast Satellite Internet allows schools to access online learning tools, distance education programs, and interaction between teachers and classmates in real-time, all of which help to enhance their learning experiences.

The availability of the Best Satellite Broadband Possible via Itellum is a boon to Paso Canoas, its businesses’ smooth operations, and the enjoyment of its residents. So you don´t have to wait more. Contact us now!