Batán, a small Caribbean-side town that is an authentic community primarily based on agriculture is yet another place along the old railway. More of an “Old-style” town where everybody knows everybody and holiday parades are well-celebrated events. This area is only 15 meters above sea level and it and the surrounding area have seen their share of flooding. There is a fire station and even a small airport that is mainly for the crop dusters that serve the surrounding farms.

The two things that are a real hazard to this farming community are fire and floods. That makes the necessity for reliable communication a must. Today’s method of communication is fueled by the Internet access is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

The problem is many ISP companies don’t service this location simply because it’s too expensive for them to travel there and construct the infrastructure that their services require. But there is a solution and that is the new generation of Internet via satellite.

Let’s explore some of the facts.

It’s Available Now

The internet service provider, Itellum is using the HughesNet Jupiter2 satellite to bring #Internet to remote communities and covers 97% of the country, and that includes Batán! High-Speed Satellite Internet can be installed quickly without waiting for wired networks to come to your community.

The Benefits to Households

• With Satellite Internet, households have access to online entertainment options like streaming movies, and posting in social media platforms.

Satellite Internet is fast, stable, and consistent since you are not sharing a wired connection with other homes in your immediate area.

Family members attending school have better resources to help with their studies.

The Benefits to Schools and Institutions

Reliable Satellite Internet can easily reach far corners of even the most remote areas ensuring that students have access to educational resources that may otherwise be unavailable due to a lack of land-based infrastructure.

• With increased connectivity, teachers can utilize interactive technologies such as video streaming while giving students real-time feedback on their work instead of waiting weeks for results from distant schools or universities.

Government programs and essential services have upgraded communications and the ability to access required resources. Emergency services can be more efficient in cases of flood, fire, and others.

The Benefits To Businesses

Agricultural businesses can expand the sales and distribution of their products by connecting with a wider base of buyers. 

• The many home-based businesses here can take advantage of Best Satellite Broadband to reach more customers and source supplies.

•  The potential to export products and services increases due to stable communications using High-Throughput Satellite Broadband and there is a great advantage to being close to the port of Limon.

Businesses can store important data in the “cloud” and access it at any time.

Data loss or “hacking” becomes a non-issue with Secure and Fast Satellite Services as the connection is beamed directly to you and is not on a shared line.

• Finally, companies can be up and running quickly with fast professional installation of their system by Itellum’s professional team. The system also stands up to inclement weather.

Batán and surrounding towns are about to realize a big connectivity upgrade with Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet. So you don´t have to wait more. Contact us now!