Puriscal, Costa Rica – a vibrant and charming town just outside of the capital city of San José. With its rich agricultural history and traditional Costa Rican way of life, it’s no wonder this quaint village is a favorite getaway for locals! Located in the coastal mountain range, 42 km southwest of San José and 77 km north of the city of Parrita, it is a unique location that offers accessibility to beach destinations as well as the Central Valley. Its landmark church was destroyed by an earthquake and although it is a beautiful example of architecture, as a restoration project, it is not viable. Its agricultural surroundings are important to the region and the tobacco grown here has made Puriscal famous for its cigars. It is fast becoming a popular choice as a bedroom community to the capital city. Now, thanks to the internet service provider, Itellum, Puriscal, and environs have another option for Internet that promises to satisfy the population’s needs.

At Itellum, we understand how important access to reliable Internet is to growing communities. That’s why we are proud to bring our advanced HughesNet Jupiter2 satellite technology to 97% of Costa Rica – offering the Best Satellite Broadband Possible, even in rural or remote areas. This technology offers many advantages that will benefit the homes, schools, businesses, and medical facilities in the area as well as the community as a whole. Read on for a few of these amazing benefits:

High-Speed Internet via Satellite for Homes:

For people living in Puriscal and nearby towns like Barbacoas, Desamparaditos, and Cerbatana, who need fast access for their work or school activities, or just want faster streaming and downloading speeds for entertainment purposesHigh-Speed Satellite Internet provides an excellent solution. You can browse the web quickly and enjoy lag-free gaming with reliable connections 24/7!

A Boost for Schools:

With the Fastest Satellite Internet Available, students and teachers alike will have access to research materials at lightning speed! They’ll also be able to take advantage of educational programs and opportunities available online that would otherwise be impossible due to slow connections.

Business Productivity:

For local business owners in the #Puriscal area looking for ways to increase productivity without having to invest heavily in infrastructure upgrades, Secure and Fast Satellite Services is the perfect solution. Businesses can send large files quickly and safely, make video conference calls without any delays or interruptions, and benefit from faster upload speeds which translates into higher customer satisfaction levels. Being able to administrate online web presence and social media accounts with ease contributes to the bottom line. Rural Satellite Internet provides access to webinars that can keep staff up to date on the latest product developments or supply online courses to advance their position in the company.

Better Healthcare Facilities:

Medical facilities located far away from major cities can benefit tremendously from Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband on many levels. Doctors will be able to access medical records instantly with increased reliability; they can also make use of digital monitoring tools that were previously unavailable due to slow connections. The ability to upload patient files to the database will maintain better communications between doctors, labs, and patients and improve the overall efficiency of the healthcare system. By providing healthcare professionals with better tools like High-Throughput Satellite Broadband they can offer better care to their patients – something that everyone in Puriscal should appreciate!

Community Development:

From improved local government services such as crime prevention initiatives using surveillance cameras) and increased public safety measures to promote eco-tourism and wellness tourism opportunities through a greater web presence. The community benefits from the ability to offer a wider scope of children’s classes that advance them in their areas of interest. The enhanced connectivity of fast satellite Internet opens up exciting new possibilities for communities in and around Puriscal.
Itellum’s vision to bridge the digital divide is in full swing with Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet. For further information contact us now!