Watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean as the freight ships pass by and the cruise ships take on passengers to prepare to leave port while sipping on a cocktail and enjoying a fresh shrimp ceviche, or buying a Churchill snow cone on the beach, the city of #Puntarenas is a diverse, bustling, blend of commercial activity. From the exportation of Costa Rican products and agricultural produce to the hotel accommodations, restaurants, and beaches, #Puntarenas is a destination for foreign and local tourists, and cruise ship passengers alike. Because of its importance to the economy of the country as a port and its easy accessibility from the Central Valley, Puntarenas has become an essential and more popular city than in recent history and now also enjoys more obtainable Internet than previously. Although there are areas of the city that enjoy terrestrial Internet services such as DSL, cable, and fiber optics, there are still outlying areas that are not covered. Even the bedroom community of Barranca, and the famous surf spot, Boca Barranca which are close by, have areas without reliable Internet coverage.

The digital age has ushered in a new way of living, working, and communicating that has created an insatiable demand for reliable, high-speed Internet services. In Costa Rica, Itellum is revolutionizing the internet landscape with its high-speed satellite Internet service that reaches 97% of the geographical area, both urban and rural. Thanks to the HughesNet Jupiter2 satellite Itellum has employed, it’s easier than ever for people to access the benefits of the internet. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the key benefits of satellite internet, and why Itellum is leading the way.

• Internet Access Anywhere: One of the most significant benefits of the Internet via satellite is that it provides access to the Internet in almost any location, something that is not possible with traditional methods such as DSL, cable, and fiber optics. Whether you’re in a rural area, a school, a medical facility, tourism, or a business located just outside of a coverage area, Satellite Internet can provide the accessible connection you need to succeed in today’s digital world.

• Reliable Service: In Costa Rica, weather and natural disasters can make it difficult to maintain consistent Internet access. However, new technology has made Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband a reality with inclement weather-resistance, meaning that it can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. As a result, you’re guaranteed to have consistent internet service even during the worst storms.

• Emergency and Eco friendly: Rural Satellite Internet is an amazing eco-friendly option when it comes to broadband services. Not only does its installation take up less energy, natural resources, and costly manpower, but if there’s a natural disaster like flooding or landslides, the Best Satellite Broadband Possible can quickly restore communications – a great resource for emergency situations where time is of the essence.

• Backup Systems: Even if you have a terrestrial internet provider, it always pays to have a backup system in place. With Itellum’s Secure and Fast Satellite Services, you can rest assured that even if your primary Internet provider fails for any reason, you’ll still be able to maintain Internet access. This is particularly important for businesses and organizations that depend on the Internet for their operations.

• Easy Installation: Traditional Internet infrastructures such as DSL and cable require extensive installation processes that can take weeks to complete. However, High-Throughput Satellite Broadband can be installed within a few hours, making it an ideal option for those who need quick and easy access to high-speed Internet.

• High-Speed Connections: With the Fastest Satellite Internet Available, the speeds of Itellum´s packages are more than enough to handle high-bandwidth activities such as streaming movies and video conferencing. This makes it an ideal option for businesses, schools, or institutions that need to download large files or work online in real time.

In Short

Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet is connecting up to 97% of the country. With easy installation, reliability, and secure, high-speed connections, it’s no wonder that High-Speed Satellite Broadband Internet is increasing in popularity. So, why not join the digital age and get started with Itellum today!

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