Pital is quite a thriving community and has all the services one could want in a location quite a bit far removed from San José. Driven by a strong agricultural base, Pital’s nutrient-rich volcanic soil is said to yield the sweetest fruit. Pineapple farms are abundant here and are also a source of employment in the region. There is a welcome sense of community here and you can sense it in the stores, the farmers market, at a soccer game, and in a restaurant. It’s a reminder of how life should be; a more simple sense of community and communication.

If you live in the town, you have access to many services. And if you’re lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with reliable Internet, you have the best of both worlds. But, if you live outside of town you may not have that luxury. That’s where rural satellite Internet comes into the scenario.

If you’ve thought about satellite Internet but concluded it was not right for you, read on. Technology has changed the playing field. Itellum has been named the first satellite Internet provider for Costa Rica and is offering Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband to remote areas including populated areas for those that wish to have the service. Here are some interesting facts about High-Speed Satellite Internet.

It’s Available

Using the HughesNet Jupiter2 satellite, Itellum can provide High-Throughput Satellite Broadband to 97% of the country including the town of Pital and the surrounding area.

It’s Accessible

With ground-based Internet services like fiber optics and DSL, you need to have the wired infrastructure near your location or you must wait for it to be built. However, the Internet via satellite requires no wires or shared connections to slow your signal down to a crawl because the service is beamed directly to you from a satellite making its voyage around the Earth.

It’s Reliable

Professional installation, superior hardware, and technology make Satellite Broadband Internet a consistent connection, even in bad weather. Rain and clouds are not a concern due to new technological advances. 

It’s Educational

Having the best Satellite Broadband possible in schools and at home allows a broader spectrum on which to base the curriculums. Students can access the wealth of information available to use in their studies giving better access to opportunities.

It’s Beneficial

For small, medium, or large businesses, government offices, medical facilities, and many other entities, Secure and Fast Satellite Services can improve efficiency, knowledge level, and the bottom line. Access to webinars or the ability to host them, video conferencing, sending large files quickly, storing documents in the cloud, and retrieving them at any time are just some of the advantages. Organizing and promoting special events in the community brings people together for good causes and good fun. At home, watching movies or favorite TV shows without “suffering through the buffering” are all made possible with Fastest Satellite Internet Available.

Across the country, Itellum is bridging the digital divide with Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet. What was Itellum´s vision only last year, is now a reality. For further information contact us now!