In plain language: What does it mean to have a dedicated internet?

Let’s imagine that your internet connection is a highway. Vehicles of different types such as cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, among others, transit on this highway. So, you have two options:

a) You move from one point to another at peak times, now when all the people go or return from their work; or,

b) You have the possibility that this highway will be closed in such a way that you do not have to stop for anything or anyone until you reach your destination both when you leave your house at work and back. Absolutely no one else can use that highway more than you.

Traditional providers offer you bandwith service (option a) even if they don’t tell you. They have their hours of low traffic flow and they have their peak hours and that’s where their problems begin. Sometimes the outbound or return lane (loading and unloading) is saturated, sometimes one of the two.

With dedicated internet you will have both freeways clear for you only when you need it. With this, you will not be affected by the degradation of the service by sharing your bandwidth as it currently does, even if you do not know it.

For businesses, a temporary drop or saturation of your system can lead to millions of losses and a series of complications that you do not deserve to have: non-productivity, unsatisfied customers, loss of information, drops in calls or video calls. All the above is guaranteed with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

If large files are shared in your company, constant upload and download of files, video conferencing, calls via IP telephony, an IP telephone exchange, a considerable number of workers connected simultaneously, among other issues that consume bandwidth importantly, you don’t need more speed; you need 1: 1 INTERNATIONAL DEDICATED INTERNET.

BUT THAT IS NOT ENOUGH! Learn the true difference. 1: 1 symmetry, local or international? Let’s go back to the highway. It’s Friday, you left work early, you go to the beach to rest with your friends with your family, you leave the capital, you take Route 27, you think that the street is free because you left early, you arrive at the toll and just after paying the funnel is formed. You feel frustrated, you thought the road would be free for you and it was not. You continue your journey and you find the first row of traffic stopped. The same happens with the local 1: 1 internet.

With the dedicated Internet 1: 1 International you will have a Private Plane in direct flight to any part of the world where you want to arrive!