The Reventazón River makes its way through the green lush landscape past the agricultural land and flows past the town of #Tucurrique. Primarily an agricultural town, the residents in this area make their living by the raising of beef cattle and the cultivation of sugar cane and pejibaye, (known as peach palm in English). Although there is a nearby town named #Pejibaye, the “Feria del Pejibaye” takes place here in Tucurrique, promoting this traditional fruit and the different ways you can prepare it. The festivities not only promote the healthy fruit but serve to promote rural tourism with bullfights, mountain bike races, concerts, and dancing until you drop! It’s a friendly gathering that introduces visitors to the area and the locals’ traditional culinary favorites.

A local meat processing plant makes quality smoked meats and also sells cheeses, eggs, and delicious chicharrones. 

The natural environment lends itself well to rural ecotourism as more and more small operations spring up in the area with tours, volunteer farming, and horsemanship training.

All of this activity could be fast-tracked with consistent connections to the Internet but that is not always possible. How many times have you tried to watch your favorite music video but it stops suddenly? 

Here’s the solution to the problem of unreliable or nonexistent Internet!

Itellum is bringing fast satellite Internet to #CostaRica, including places that cannot get land-based internet. They are using the HughesNet Jupiter2 satellite that covers 97% of the country.

Homes, businesses, schools, medical facilities, and emergency services can all use rural satellite Internet because it provides reliable connections.

New technology means the satellite connection will work even during rain storms. It can be up and running quickly after an emergency such as a vehicle accident that destroyed the poles and cables that bring DSL or fiber optic Internet to you.

Satellite broadband Internet can also be used as a backup if your main connection fails – which is very useful for businesses that need stable Internet at all times!

High-Speed Satellite Internet makes it easy for parents, students, and schools to stay in touch. Teachers can send school updates, upcoming events information, and academic progress reports to parents. It also helps people access online education resources and distance learning programs so they can keep up with their urban peers. Imagine what students in rural areas could do with Best Satellite Broadband Possible!

Secure and Fast Satellite Services give medical facilities a connection to remote specialists so they can help patients who live far away get critical care. Sensitive information is not intercepted because the data is transmitted directly between you and the satellite.

Installing the service takes only a few hours so you won’t be waiting long before you can use High-Speed Satellite Broadband Internet on any device you want without needing extra equipment– their technicians will take care of that for you.

Sometimes companies promise more than they can deliver however,Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet provider made a commitment and they’re sticking to it. They have completed more than 400 installations across the country in rural areas in the past year.

In the spring of 2022, the company received government approval as the official satellite Internet provider. At that time, Itellum and its founder Tim Foss had a vision when he announced, “We are committed to closing the digital divide in #CostaRica and we want to be taken into account for the development of projects where it is impossible to deploy fiber optic, copper or coaxial cable and even where there is no coverage of 3G and 4G mobile networks.”

That vision is now becoming a reality across the country. So you don´t have to wait more. Contact us now!