Connected or extinct companies.

Being connected was a luxury that some could enjoy last century, but today it is a requirement that every company must consider as a pillar of its operation.

The world’s best manufacturing companies are embracing a mindset focused on delivering more quality, which is creating a new path for best practices.

The high-speed connection is no longer based on how many Megas the provider provides me in a contract, but on how many of them are real and constant in the time of use, in addition to factors as important as exclusivity, since many of the Operators connect you in a subscription system with many other clients, in a clear detriment to the quality of your signal, which is fine for a residential environment but never to be competitive at a business level.

According to the Zebra Technologies Manufacturing Sector Study, professionals involved in the manufacturing sector industry hope to have smarter factories by 2022, and with this, the type of connection, the possibility of having Exclusive connection with always redundancy, and other technology factors they use becomes simply mandatory.

In this sense, the internet is one of the technologies that is driving change in the industry. According to Zebra Technologies, the right connection will allow companies to have connected machines, sensors, data and mobile devices to improve production, the supply chain and the workforce.

5G Americas in its report IoT Special Report, shows the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) market in Mexico to name an example, and it is understood from this that there are very marked gaps between those who are taking their connection seriously and the ability to interact with today’s business world.

It is simple, if you do not evolve immediately, you are taking a firm step towards the extinction of your company.