Fiber optic at 100 megabytes of speed … but only download. The internet offers of the telephone companies usually carry the connection speed they offer to their users in large numbers, but the highlighted data is always the one corresponding to the download speed, only half of the information the user needs This is because they are focused on households for which that is more than enough.

The other data, which is usually more hidden, corresponds to the upload speed. And it is no coincidence that it is less marked, since it is usually noticeably inferior. Internet providers sell almost all their clients connections with different speeds to upload and download data, that is, asymmetric connections.

Have you heard of “cloud computing”? Let’s talk a little about it …¿Has escuchado hablar del “cloud computing“?

The Cloud

For many years the devices in the hands of users have been able to process and store the data that companies need. In other words, computers, backup servers, special data transmission equipment, tablets and others that connect to the Internet manage and store everything they need for themselves, but this has been revolutionized in recent years.

The cloud maximizes the way our teams interact with the network. Instead of being autonomous that communicate with each other, they become simple windows to the network that need a high-speed connection to function and in return gain power and capabilities, both in terms of their productivity and their cost of operation. But none of this is possible without very fast connections, and not only downward but with the symmetry that a company requires.


The services of storage in the cloud or “cloud storage” have been in daily use among users for a few years. But many users have already realized the shortcomings of networks when they have tried to upload a high volume of files to the storage services of their choice.

And is that the common upload speeds are quite low, at least compared to the download speeds that are beginning to be common in the offer of operators focused on homes. It is common to find ADSL or fiber optic connections that have 20, 30 and up to 200 Mbps download, but many barely have 1 Mbps upload. In addition, it must be borne in mind that these speeds given by the operators are only the theoretical maximum that the connection can reach, much less what will actually reach the user.

However, the scenario is worse when those who contract these services are companies, since without a doubt their demands on the system are far greater than those of a housing solution.

In this way, a user who wants, for example, to upload a 1 GB file to their “cloud storage” account, can see how the action takes hours. You need faster upload connections to be able to use these types of services normally.

What many users have experienced is how difficult it is to upload databases, or run processes in accounting, management, logistics and other systems.

“Cloud computing”

Symmetrical connections are a step in the same direction: cloud computing. More and more computers start to work on the network and less by themselves. However, before this can happen, the connections of the companies must be adequate, in order to create the environment where this is maximized.

IP Telephony

In order to cope with an IP telephony system, you must have a connection that supports the amount of data to transfer per second. The companies that manage their telecommunications services in this way have very positive impacts on their monthly costs, and the implementation of this technology brings with it a series of possibilities that undoubtedly make it a serious proposal for digital transformation.

Monitoring, control, maximization of time, reduction of breakdowns, in addition to other tools or possibilities are the reasons why more companies establish their communication from the cloud.

In conclusion, there are many connections that are far below their performance today, and in today’s companies this is not a minor issue, since more than ever we are interconnected with the entire internet universe and this significantly impacts our entire business, and the only thing that companies that do not address this issue in the right way do is look slow, not very productive and ready to go extinct in such an aggressive market.