More than the internet, it is an open door to knowledge.

Our way of connecting with the world has rigorously changed, and each time it does so with more and more intensity and speed, this is something that we do not even understand at this point, but without a doubt we must try to take advantage of the improvement in our quality of life as users.

Telecommunications in Costa Rica have had some difficulties to face, from the administrative bureaucracy to the climatic and geographical conditions that make our country a bit complex for certain types of technologies.

This is why Itellum tops the list of futuristic proposals with projects that allow users to have access to the highest quality internet, improving not only the quality of access to information, but also opening a door to the future. This thanks to its strategic partners in different regions of the world, its cutting-edge technology and its ability to see opportunities where others do not see them, which has made it a benchmark within national and regional telcos.

Satellite internet.

The satellite internet is one of the most functional options for complex access sites and for the interconnection of nodes when these are many and located at significant distances.

Its operation provides a lot of security, stability and almost unlimited possibilities, at a very interesting investment cost when compared to other services.

Today’s projects that affect the future.

Today, projects such as connecting schools in the country are under way, more than 4,000 study centers across the country could be connected to the best internet, opening the immense opportunities that this represents to hundreds of thousands of children and youth that today One day they could be being relegated due to their limited access possibilities.

The proposals are clear and on the table, awaiting resolutions from government entities, but without a doubt that by taking this leap we will put Costa Rica in a privileged place with respect to connectivity and the intention of being a country of access and possibilities for their generations.

Today, principals connect in schools through outdated technology in many cases, and this undoubtedly speaks to the great task we have to modernize the tools we provide them so that they can do their jobs with greater impact.