Did you know that La Fortuna, “The Fortune” in Spanish, was named for its fertile lands? It was thought that the name originated from being spared from the wrath and destruction of the Arenal Volcano but, it actually received its name before the latest eruption cycle. Majestic volcanos, sparkling waterfalls, and lush greenery all describe the area in and around La Fortuna. And due to this fortune of resources, the area has grown a great deal over the last 50 years. While it’s an attractive tourist destination, it’s not always easy to access the Internet, especially in rural areas. But that’s changing because La Fortuna is becoming even more fortunate with the introduction of High-Speed Satellite Internet via Itellum, bridging the digital divide in Costa Rica.

Here’s what’s going on. 

Using the HughesNet Jupiter2 satellite, Itellum is providing Satellite Broadband Internet to 97% of the country, both in urban and rural areas. Since being declared the first satellite Internet supplier in 2022, they have been rolling out the Fastest Satellite Internet Available all around the country.

Here’s what Rural Satellite Internet means for our communities.

Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband: Homes, businesses, schools, medical facilities, institutions, and emergency services in rural areas can now enjoy reliable Internet access. With high-speed connectivity and minimal downtime, you can work, learn, and communicate without interruption.

Easy Access: You don’t have to wait for the infrastructure of land-based internets like DSL and fiber optics to come to you. Itellum satellite service is easy to access and can be set up quickly, making it the perfect choice for areas with no internet or unreliable internet.

Backup system: If you already have Internet, but are looking for a backup system in case of outages, the Best Satellite Broadband Possible is the perfect solution. With a consistent backup system in place, you can ensure that your operations and communications are never disrupted.

Disaster Recovery: There is a myriad of natural disasters that can happen in the area. Terrestrial Internet is susceptible to these because the wires and poles inherent in the infrastructure can be easily damaged. Secure and Fast Satellite Services can be recovered quickly if it happens to get compromised, allowing emergency services and medical facilities to react quickly.

Ease of Installation: Itellum’s trained professional technicians will deliver all the equipment necessary and perform the installation in a matter of hours. All you need is your computer or whatever device you choose to access the Internet.

Service During Bad Weather: In the past satellite Internet was affected by inclement weather. Now with new technology and expert installations, this problem has been minimized and serves to be much more reliable.

Educational Access: Distance learning becomes a reality with the Internet via Satellite. Schools have access to better educational resources and can provide online classes. Students can participate in virtual tours, submit assignments, and receive exam results. It broadens the learning experiences for both students and teachers.

Tourism Communications: Ecolodges, yoga retreats, tour companies, and other tourist-related endeavors have increased exposure and more efficient operations with fast satellite Internet. The ability to take advantage of better communications and offer that to your clients increases customer loyalty and that translates to a healthier bottom line.

Connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity in today’s digital age. Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet is making it possible for even the most remote areas to join the digital world. Empowering homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, government offices, and emergency services with high-speed connectivity, easy access, and a reliable backup system. So you don´t have to wait more. Contact us now!