Perhaps there is nothing more #CostaRican than gallo pinto except for the oxcart. Driving through the picturesque roads through Sarchí Sur and Sarchí Norte, you can pass by over 200 stores and workshops creating all kinds of woodcrafts from wooden fruit to large furniture such as dining room and bedroom sets. But the most renowned piece of craftsmanship is owed to the decorative oxcart. Its part in Costa Rican history served as an important form of transportation for coffee and people on the rough dirt roads. A well-built oxcart with vibrantly intricate decoration was a symbol of affluence starting back in the mid-1800s. In 1988 it was declared the National Symbol of Labor.

The same pride in artistry and skill flourishes today and generates income for many people in the area. The rolling hills and greenery, make for beautiful surroundings in which to live and set up a business — especially one that caters to the visitors that come here to buy the many souvenirs you see sold throughout the country. The thing is, it’s a little off the beaten track. People and businesses could really benefit from better communication, primarily through the #Internet. But because of its location, it lacks the availability of strong, reliable Internet.

The most efficient way to solve this dilemma is with High-Speed Satellite Internet. The Internet service provider, Itellum is bridging the gap in the digital divide that separates rural communities from highly populated areas in #Costa Rica. Let’s find out how they are doing this.

Using Superior Satellite Technology

Itellum was named the first provider of satellite Internet by the government of Costa Rica in 2022. By their use of the HughesNet Jupiter2 satellite, they can provide the Best Satellite Broadband Possible to 97% of the country. This is ground-breaking. Or rather, there is no ground involved at all! Actually with the internet via satellite, you avoid any terrestrial infrastructure, the anticipation of its construction in your area, and the decrease in speed due to shared connections.

Confidence in your Connection

Realizing that your signal is beamed from a satellite orbiting the earth directly to a small dish on your roof (or elsewhere on your property) means you have Secure and Fast Satellite Services at all times. There are no cables or hubs to connect to from the street and no vehicle accidents that can take down a pole and terminate your connection. Furthermore, with new satellite technology, bad weather like rainstorms is no longer a concern with Reliable Satellite Internet and Broadband. This coupled with the professional installation performed by Itellum expert technicians means you can have confidence that you will have consistent High-Throughput Satellite Broadband.

Location is not an Issue

Since rural satellite Internet is available to you no matter where you live around the #Sarchí area, if you can get there, Itellum can get there. The technicians will arrive with the necessary equipment and complete the installation usually within about a few hours. All you need are the devices you usually use; your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It’s that simple.

Streaming was Impossible in the Past

Watching movies is no longer a frustration because of constant buffering and lost connections. High-Speed Satellite Broadband Internet allows you to watch the TV series you had to stop watching due to dropped connections. There are several plans to choose from so, you can choose your speed.

What it Means for Sarchí

The community, both commercial and residential can benefit greatly from Satellite Broadband Internet. Businesses can send and receive large files and use video conferencing to connect with potential customers and show their progress on commissioned works. Schools and students can use webinars for better learning experiences and students can take online courses not offered in their area. Medical facilities can have test results back to the doctor and the patient faster than ever before.

To sum it all up, the Fastest Satellite Internet Available is accessible to you now. It’s only a matter of contacting Itellum when you’re ready to take advantage of Costa Rica’s only High-Speed Satellite Internet. For further information about the service you can contact us now!