Conviértete en Socio Regional y maximiza múltiples conexiones de valor.

Itellum is the premius business internet provider that consistenly seeks to set itself apart from the market, by not competing for an oversusbcription service and giving value to the most relevant connections possible in business.

Nowadays, internet services are open to very fierce competition, but in this desire to conquer the market, quality ends up decreasing, and that is something that we at Itellum will never negotiate, because we understand the value of a dream that is It has become a company, a dream that has been worked to grow and that therefore requires a higher quality of services.

Necesitamos conectarnos…
There are many connections that bring benefits to our lives. We refer in this case to personal relationships, company to company relationships, acquaintances and friends, and that is also very important to us.

The Regional Partner program was born from the experience of connecting people with needs, since we realized that there are many people who can advise and connect Companies that require premium services with us, and in this connection you will certainly benefit Those who receive a better internet, but we will make sure to give our regional partners that connect us with businesses a very good remuneration for their services.

EVERYTHING in this world is connected. We are not inventing hot water, we are only making sense of what we do on a daily basis; connect, and do it intentionally based on our premise of connecting companies with high value and therefore helping them to conquer your business goals.

Nuestros servicios están a otro nivel…

A connection that will take you to another level …

Our services are available in the North and Central America Region, with connections of the highest value and customer service like you will not find anywhere else, that is why the only thing you should do is connect people or companies with Itellum, And you will receive an incredible incentive for each of these references that hire the services.

Itellum has been characterized for being a reliable supplier, our clients have never withdrawn due to quality signal issues or others that are common in our market, both locally and throughout the region we have a clear identity, being the best in business care.

Come to learn more about the program.

We are ready to assist you, and to make connections with you that maximize us. This is the beginning of a very important Program in the business world. We invite you to be a part by clicking on the following button and filling out the form.