It is necessary to start fundamentally, when comparing optical fiber with ADSL (Coaxial Cable). Fiber optic cable is considered more advanced as it uses small, flexible strands of glass to transmit information in the form of light. On the other hand, other systems use copper cable (coaxial cable), for which the data is sent through electricity; This is how we have seen cable television for decades.

Important factors when acquiring broadband or fiber optics

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1. Speed

It’s simple, fiber optics is simply faster. It is an excellent example for companies hoping to optimize their system performance with greater impact. In fact, fiber optics can be up to ten times faster than ADSL, both at upload and download speeds.

The ADSL connection is slower, it can offer speeds that meet the needs of a home, but not be sufficient for most companies. Another aspect to consider is that the download speed can decrease significantly during times of high traffic, that is, when there are a large number of users simultaneously connected to the Internet.

This increases the possibility of problems and breakdowns, since shared connections can have consumption peaks where the cabling cannot respond to all the demand and ends up causing problems and in a company this infers significant losses of time and resources.

2. The confiability

When ADSL is compared to fiber optics, fiber optics is generally considered more reliable as it offers a number of advantages when it comes to service consistency and service performance. With fiber optics, the service has a dedicated line, while with broadband the service will share the connection with other companies. A dedicated line protects you against latency (delays data processing).

With ADSL, speed can decrease during high-volume data transfer. Although this is reliable, when compared to more sophisticated options such as fiber optics, it is the service with the highest probability of interruptions due to location and environmental factors.

Fiber optics is a dedicated system, which means it is much less likely to cause service interruptions.

3. Disponibility.

Currently, ADSL is an accessible service. In fact, its accessibility is one of its main advantages over fiber optics. If a company is in the coverage area of ​​some cable television service, it is most likely that it can request the band service, but in turn implies by default that it will be being connected to a common node and that is where the problems of broadband. Although broadband has significant coverage in urban areas, it is not yet available in some rural areas. Basically, if the company does not have access to cable television, it will not have access to broadband service either. Furthermore, fiber optics is not offered in as many markets as its counterpart, but its availability is expanding. However, because fiber optics requires the installation of a new cable, it will take a while before broadband-like coverage exists, and users located in rural or remote areas may be the last to benefit.

The good thing is that in Costa Rica Itellum maintains a growing coverage and we are providing the best service in a high percentage of the country.

4. Prices

The cost of broadband Internet is different according to different variables, for example, the location of the service, and whether or not it groups together with television and telephone services. In general, cable Internet is an affordable business solution for most users.

Obviously, data transfer and browsing speeds are a determining factor in price; therefore, such an improvement will increase its cost to the buyer. In this sense, fiber optics will probably cost the company more per month, but depending on how the company uses it and understands the usefulness of the Internet, speed could be critical.

Thus, it is an excellent option for companies that hope to optimize the performance of their systems with higher speeds, and in the end, the increase in productivity will be a plus that when compared, the cost-benefit will be a very good investment for the company.

In Costa Rica it is possible for a company to experience first-world speeds with a dedicated and optimized fiber optic connection for companies, Itellum is a benchmark in service to companies and that is why we do not aim at residential services, with this we comply to our clients who are focused on covering all their needs with real solutions, and even more.

Itellum offers you a completely free diagnosis in which you can learn about the advantages of Fiber Optics and consider how much money you are losing due to not having an exclusive, symmetric and redundant connection, just contact us and let us help you evolve the way you connect. to Internet.