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Heredia: Located 10 km northwest of San Jose it is the capital of the Central Canton in the Province. Heredia is home to several important companies. It is in a strategic area because of its proximity to the best business complexes, free zones, residential developments, and the most recognized hotels in the country. Itellum can easily claim that we are very well positioned to offer any type of INTERNET connectivity to any industry within the sector.

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The Fastest & Most Reliable Internet in Heredia,Costa Rica is what this college town is all about. Heredia, the capital of Heredia Province is also the location of Universidad Nacional or the National University. The population of the entire landlocked province is about 440,000 with the northern boundary being the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. To the east is Limon province, to the south is San José province and to the west is Alajuela province.

As you walk through the city center, it is evident that it has a rich history. Often referred to as the “City of Flowers”, not only for it’s many colorful gardens, but for the Flores’ family social and political influence, (Flores means flowers). Heredia was founded in 1705 and the heart of the city has excellent examples of colonial architecture.

Contrary to the university population that is obsessed with Heredia’s fiber optic connectivity, is the historic La Inmaculada Concepcion, an antique church built in 1796, with bells imported from Cuzco, Peru and stained glass paintings that are some of the oldest in the country. Also found in Parque Central is a music temple, as well as El Fortin, a formidable colonial tower of an old Spanish fort built in 1876. The fort, a distinctive landmark, was to have four of these towers but was never completed. Over the years the structure has suffered earthquakes and the rains and subsequent vegetation have weakened the integrity of the construction. Many restorative projects have been completed in order to be able to open the historic site to the public. Once the capital of Costa Rica, Heredia’s central park has an eclectic variety of shops and restaurants in and surrounding it, and is also the location of La Casa de la Cultura which holds historical and art exhibitions on a regular basis.

Superior internet is synonymous with the National University or Universidad Nacional (UNA), (not to be confused with UCR, Universidad de Costa Rica). Approximately 19,000 students are enrolled annually not including the USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium) which have their offices and classes at this campus. The UNA has strong curriculums in ecology, sociology and education with diverse undergraduate studies and an offering of 16 Master of Arts degrees. An interesting branch of the university, OVSICORI, The Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica, National University (OVSICORI-UNA), is a University Research Institute. It is dedicated to the investigation of volcanoes, earthquakes and other tectonic activity with the mission to decrease the effect of these potential disasters and to further understand their behavior. It is no secret the devastation these natural occurrences have caused to human life and continue to do so. At this time, their seismographic network is made up of an analog and a digital recording system. The digital system is facilitated by online analysis of seismic signals. This allows the rapid analysis of data collected at an accelerated rate followed by further study using modern computerized techniques. This advancement is significant in forewarning the public about possible seismic dangers and the redundant quality of internet here, coupled with the best service and support offered by iTellum is obviously of utmost importance.

The best internet in Costa Rica is not wasted on yet another educational institution in Heredia, Ulatina (Universidad Latina de Costa Rica) which is the largest private university in the country enrolling 19,000 undergraduate students and 2000 graduate students. In addition to another campus in San Pedro, it has regional offices throughout the country. In 2007 it expanded its facilities in Mercedes Tower on Paseo Colon in San Jose downtown. Ulatina holds six official accredited degrees recognized by the National Accreditation System for Higher Education (SINAES). The university also has a virtual campus allowing students to study from wherever they reside.

Commercial grade internet is available throughout the cantons of Heredia, of which there are ten. Within these cantons are neighborhoods that range from 300 inhabitants to over 40,000, totaling over 430,000 in the entire province. These towns have unique environments with a mix of old colonial and adobe buildings to modern suburbs, industrial and commercial areas. Plaza Real Cariari is located in the established residential neighborhood of Cariari where there are a variety of homes, mostly of an upscale type that surround the Cariari Golf & Country Club. The Real Cariari Mall has been through a few expansions and has an array of stores and services including a food court with 27 food outlets, movie theaters, 128 stores, 4 banks and five separate restaurants. Paseo de Las Flores has even a more comprehensive offering with over 280 retail outlets that encompass all the usual stores plus grocery outlets, food courts, restaurants, theaters, car and motorcycle dealerships, playgrounds, trampoline center and virtual reality attractions. This is a great location for whatever activity you desire. It is also across the highway from the Wyndham Herradura Hotel & Convention Center which is very active with industry trade shows and special events. The hotel has several high-end dining options and the Hard Rock Cafe down the street always has live entertainment. Also located here is the Marritott Hotel and 18 hole golf course. It’s a also a short ride to the international airport in Alajuela and iTellum is able to provide internet for the hotels in the vicinity.

Heredia has wide assortment of attractions. Imagine watching a hockey game on real ice in Costa Rica! Well it happens at the Castillo Country Club, a beautiful venue with it’s manicured grounds and a real castle, pools, picnic areas, convention and event areas for shows and weddings and all kinds of sports including a hockey rink that is the home of the Castillo Knight Hockey Team. Although it is the only ice skating rink in Central America, it is half the size of a regulation rink. In spite of that, it hosted a tournament in 2017 that included teams as far away as Calgary, Alberta, Los Angeles, California, and the Falkland Islands. However soccer (futbol) is all important and Club Sport Herediano is the team of choice even though they seldom win a match.

Braulio Carrillo National Park is easily accessible located only 30 minutes outside of San Jose and has five different climatic zones including the inactive Barva Volcano and Lagoon. At 2900 meters (9514 feet) high, it has virgin forest and abundant wildlife on 47,500 hectares and is the only National Park in Heredia, yet one of the largest in the country. The Rainforest Aerial Tram is an overwhelming experience as you cruise the canopy 170 feet above sea-level observing a sampling of the 150 species from monkeys to jaguars, coyotes, over 500 species of birds, and 600 species of plants.

Nature is abundant in the eco-educational facility of INBioParque. The beauty of this non-profit organization is that you can see almost all the fauna of Costa Rica in one place. The entrance fee varies depending on what you’d like to experience and there are biologists that double as guides to explain the various animals, vegetation and insects and their natural habitats. The park has three restaurants, conference rooms, playgrounds, lagoon and waterfall, a farm , vegetable, herb and medicinal gardens, an amphitheater and souvenir shop amongst other amenities. It is definitely an experience to be enjoyed by adults and children of all ages.

From Vara Blanca, bordering Alajuela is the La Paz Waterfall Gardens and probably one of the most visited attractions in the central valley. The privately owned park is home to the most famous waterfalls in the country with large areas of virgin rainforest that are home to over 100 animal species. Within the 70 acres, one can find 3.5 km of hiking trails, five waterfalls, a butterfly farm which are accessible via bridges and platforms. Many of the waterfalls were previously viewable only from the mountainside, however now people can view the majestic Magia Blanca waterfall from beneath the cascading waters. This represents an incredible photographic experience for the novice or professional photographer. The Peace Lodge offers a variety of accommodations that are appointed with natural woods and river stone giving them a cozy, earthy feel. The views are lush with greenery and every room has a jacuzzi. There is even a lake where you can fish for trout and have it prepared and served in the restaurant. The Peace Lodge at La Paz Waterfall Gardens is a popular venue for romantic weddings and vacations. What appears to be such a remote location has the best commercial grade internet Costa Rica has to offer. Cafe Britt is famous for their coffee and has been offering coffee tours for many years. The area is known for their coffee and participants can learn about the coffee making process from the working plantation and roasting process to gourmet tastings.

Internet via 1:1 International Fiber Optics is a service that the many industrial businesses and free zones in the area are able to capitlalize on. The America Free Zone, Metropolitana, Zona Industrial Zeta and Ultrapark represent a few examples of active free zones here. Companies like Sykes, IBM, Baxter, Amazon, Hewlett Packard, Subway, Scotiabank, Boston Scientific, Farmacia Hospital Clinica Biblica make Heredia their regional headquarters. The close proximity to the universities also affords them skilled, educated employees.

The numerous call-centers and businesses, local, international, medium and large have the advantage of iTellums “Internet Concierge” service. Why settle for mediocre internet service, when you can pay for a superior product and actually receive it? These corporations get the connectivity they need to operate efficiently from start to finish. Heredia is an area of bustling business activity and peaceful natural habitats. It’s no surprise they flourish with the faster, better, stronger, internet and support of iTellum.