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Grecia: Located in the province of Alajuela, Greece stands out for its unique church, the Church of Our Lady of the Mercedes, made of prefabricated steel plates and painted red. This is usually in rural areas. As in most rural areas, providing high quality Internet service is not easy; but NOT for Itellum. We will provide THE BEST #Internet connectivity in the area.

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We want every business in Costa Rica to have the opportunity to receive the best possible service.   We work locally to not only improve access to commercial grade internet in Costa Rican Communities but ensure that our clients get the best possible care.

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Our bilingual staff are friendly and knowledgeable.  You’ll enjoy our timely service as we are a company that respectfully doesn’t participate in the all too common “Tico Time Standard”  Let us show you what we mean.

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There’s something about Grecia. It’s just different. Once named “the cleanest city in Central America”, it still has the allure of being neat and tidy. Being only 25 km from the international airport in Alajuela makes it a convenient spot for both residential life and commerce. A notable and unique landmark is the church in the town square. It is clad in pre-fabricated steel plates that were manufactured in Belgium in the late 19th century.

Grecia and the surrounding area is an agricultural landscape with rolling foothills dotted with small welcoming communities that make this town a perfect setting to raise a family and live more affordably than in the greater metropolitan area of San Jose.

There are many conveniences and services here so there is no need to go to the city of Alajuela, but if you want to, the commute will take you about 40 minutes. However, living and working in Grecia would be perfect if you are the type of person that like to avoid crowds and heavy traffic. It may be said that living and making a living out in the country is good for the soul but there may be an essential service that may escape you here — reliable fast broadband Internet of Itellum.