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Prior to the early 1980s, Tamarindo could scarcely be called a town, let alone the home of the best #Internet in Costa Rica. It was a sleepy fishing village whose surrounding residents’ living and main food source came from the estuary in the form of red snapper and Corvina (sea bass).

Before the tourism boom, most of its inhabitants lived in areas surrounding it, such as Santa Rosa, 27 Abril, Villa Real, and Pinilla. In fact, Tamarindo did not officially become a recognized district until an executive decree in 1995.

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Tamarindo's primary attractions revolved around tourism and surfing. However, the communities of Villa Real, Santa Rosa, and Huacas are only about 4 km away making the town population increase when people come to work. And work, for many people in these “bedroom” communities, is based on tourism and the hospitality industry. This is why the area has the fastest and most reliable Internet in Costa Rica, especially when it comes to Fiber Optic. Foreign residents, not only from the United States and Canada, but Europeans, Argentines, Colombians, and other nationalities are attracted to the area forming a multicultural and cosmopolitan base over the last 20 years. Investment and development came from all over the world, with a predominance of people from the US, and still today its nickname is “Tamagringo”, however, it is often shortened to “Tama”.

Development happened rapidly due to the unprecedented increase in residents and visitors and without the usual city planning that is normally involved. This resulted in Tamarindo being one of the few towns in Costa Rica that does not have a soccer field in the center of town. In place of the typical town center, there are lots of surf shops, restaurants, nightlife in discos and bars, and many types of vacation accommodations where #Internet for hotels and medium and large businesses is a necessity. Tourism is such a draw in this part of the country, that the population actually doubles in size during high season.

Villa Real is a growing community just 4 minutes from Tamarindo and although it had an agricultural, humble beginning, it now has many condominium developments considered both mid-range and high-end luxury. Serving as a bedroom community to Tamarindo, it houses many foreigners and locals alike, most of whom work in the #Tamarindo area. Residential complexes such as Rancho Villa Real are close to being sold out and have a variety of types of housing. Other developments in the area include Pacific Residences, Palma de Tamarindo Resort among others. There is a variety of accommodations that make their home here; bed and breakfasts and small villas like those in Finca Toltec. Some small “sodas” and restaurants give locals an alternative to the more expensive eateries in Tamarindo. It is clearly evident that these areas are perfect candidates for the Internet via 1:1 International Fiber Optic that is the primary product of Itellum.

Just east of Villa Real is the tiny town of Santa Rosa with a typical town square and church. Like Villa Real, it is experiencing similar growth and development with gated communities like Condominio Loma Verde and Loma de Santa Rosa which have buildable lots for sale and houses, some of which are available for rent long and short term. iTellum chose Santa Rosa for its regional office that facilitates the Fiber Optic Internet Connectivity so sought after throughout the country.

Unique properties exist that are inns or hotels that offer unique settings like Hacienda Valle Solo, a palatial elegant home on 160 acres of forests and pastures. It offers a variety of rooms and services and is perfect for a romantic getaway or a writers retreat that takes advantage of the superior Internet offered in the area.

Travel a bit further north and the town of Huacas presents itself just after the local gas station, one of the few in the area! Huacas could also be considered a bedroom community to Tamarindo and is also close to the beach communities of Playa Grande, Playa Ventanas, Playa Conchal, Brasilito, and Flamingo. It also has hotels and B&Bs including the major franchise, the Best Western Seis Playas (Six Beaches). Huacas is also on the major access route to the national park Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas. The park is about 167 square kilometers (65 square miles) and supports one of the largest leatherback turtle nesting colonies on the Pacific coast of the entire continent.

For this reason, it is 50% protected with the majority of the park being beneath the water. The land area of the park is only 7.7 Km2 or 3 square miles and is host to other flora and fauna. The park does allow some recreation such as surfing and includes the beaches of Carbon, Ventanas, Grande, and Langosta. The Palm Beach Estates is a development located at Playa Grande and has a variety of vacation accommodations that cater to the surfing sector.

Venturing south of Tamarindo, the world-class #HaciendaPinilla Golf Club and Resort has hotels, B&Bs, luxury homes, and lots for sale. The golf course was created by acclaimed architect, Mike Young with respect for the natural habitat. The 18-hole ocean-side golf course has breathtaking views and countless opportunities to see wildlife and enjoy the natural landscape. As a member of the National Audubon Society, they are adamant about conserving and restoring the natural ecosystems and wildlife on their property. The Robert Trent Jones Golf Course at Reserva Conchal Resort is a 71-par “championship” course that has hosted professional tournaments and is somewhat more challenging than Hacienda Pinilla but also has beautiful ocean views and special rates for those staying at the resort. Business entities such as this one benefit from an Internet Concierge such as Itellum.

Price is a consideration, but not a deciding factor in their decision to back their communications with fast, stable Internet. They don’t want to sift through a selection of internet providers that profess to supply the product they offer and then don’t deliver. They are more concerned about receiving complete services from start to finish, including the redundant quality of the Fiber Optic connectivity provided by Itellum.