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 It may be confusing at first to some but Filadelfia does have some significance to the city in the United States known as Philadelphia, aka the city of Brotherly Love. Although Filadelfia can also have this meaning it was actually named to honor a soldier, Filadelfia Soto, in 1877. However, this small city is not only a physical gateway to significant destinations in the area. It is a digital gateway to a bright future with the fastest & most reliable #Internet in Costa Rica via Itellum´s high-speed service.

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With approximately 8,000 people in the immediate area, Filadelfia is strategically located in the center of the Tempisque Valley, only 34 km (21 miles) or 30 minutes from the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia and an extensive selection of beaches ranging from 45 min to Tamarindo, 30 minutes to Playa del Coco to 25 minutes to Playa Panama. Prior to the introduction of tourism, the town had an agricultural base with sugar cane and melons as the main crops. This was the livelihood of many residents in the area and for some, it still continues to be. These crops made the way for beef cattle farming and the supply of raw products for the production of refined sugar and alcohol. Many of these agricultural areas as in many parts of Guanacaste, were abused by excessive use of agrochemicals and the grazing of cattle. The land has been replenished over the years and now attracts a different way of life. There is still a thriving farming community that benefits highly from the Fiber Optic Internet that keeps them in touch with their customers and suppliers.

The population of Filadelfia and the towns of Palmira, Sardinal, and Guardia with their traditional churches and soccer fields, are towns that grew from an agriculture base and have evolved to be support communities for tourism and “spin-off” businesses. The residents have access to all the services they would find in San Jose like banks, hotels, hospitals, and department stores, and commercial grade Internet.

The companies that are located here also provide logistics for airport services such as airport shuttles from the Liberia airport to the popular beach destinations and the accommodations available in these towns. For visitors that are not beach goers, Filadelfia is also known as the “Archeological City”. Tours of ancient roads and pathways are an interesting attraction and treasures such as evidence of pre-Columbian pottery dating back to 800 BC to 1500 AD have been recovered during investigational digs in the vicinity of ancient indigenous cemeteries.

There is an influx of residents both Costa Rican and foreigners that are finding Filadelfia and the surrounding towns to be a great place to relocate to. Families are finding the existence of Costa Rica’s fastest broadband Internet a plus as it makes everything so much easier to accomplish. Excellent private hospitals can be found in nearby Liberia, including the Centro Médico San Rafael Arcángel and the new CIMA Hospital extension, both of which are commonly used by ex-pats and retirees in the region. Both hospitals offer cutting-edge medical equipment, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology department, 24-hour emergency room, and operating rooms. Education ranks highly here and in addition to the public school system, there are several private schools close by that benefit from the Fastest Fiber Optic Internet Service Available in the country. Lakeside International School is located in Sardinal, only 15 minutes outside of Filadelfia. An international bilingual private school, it offers Pre-K to 12th-grade education with a holistic approach to learning. The Green Life Academy is in Playa del Coco and offers daycare and preschool as well as a K-12 curriculum. It is an accredited school that prepares its students for the world’s finest schools and universities. Located in Flamingo about 40 minutes away, The International Baccalaureate degree is offered at La Paz Community School. The school covers Pre-K through 12th grade in experiential learning and a comprehensive academic curriculum. This is a non-profit facility with eight instructional spaces for each class including extensive grounds, libraries, a yoga center, and a basketball center. Country Day School is a non-sectarian school 40 minutes from Filadelfia that offers Pre-K through 12th grade to approximately 150 students. With all of these educational choices available close by, it is comforting to know that there are also programs that are offering online virtual schooling and training for trades and “new tech” farming practices. Without the best broadband possible, these educational options would be very inefficient.

The options available for recreational activities, not only include the beaches but golf courses and national parks. The Papagayo Golf & Country Club is only 15 minutes from the center of Filadelfia and is open to the public with a reservation. The 18-hole golf course and country club offer 335 acres of peace and tranquility to local residents and visitors alike. Playa Conchal’s Golf Club, Resort & Spa offer opportunities for a day of relaxation and unparalleled recreation including fishing and water sports. The Occidental Grand Papagayo and the Hotel Riu All-Inclusive resort is the perfect venue for high-end business people and meetings. The local highways and infrastructure have been improved to accommodate this market. As more travelers, business people, and imports from other areas of the country visit the area, more businesses are springing up to accommodate their needs. Internet for hotels, call-centers and, businesses small, medium, and large is both a draw and a necessity.

 The closest volcano is Rincon de la Vieja National Park, only one hour to the north of Filadelfia. Apart from the hikes to the volcano’s craters, the park has a wealth of activities including tubing, mountain biking, waterfall swimming, warm springs, and mud baths. Diria National Park, Palo Verde National Park, Llano de Cortez waterfall, and Barra Honda National Park are also within an hour away.

Amongst the many beach destinations is Playa del Coco,  a popular vacation site and a place for foreigners and locals to settle. There is a wide range of accommodations, restaurants, and a wealth of water sports to enjoy. Playa del Coco and its surroundings are one of the fastest-growing touristic areas of the country. It has long been a popular destination for Costa Ricans who refer to it as “El Coco”.

Today you will find a growing density of condominium developments coupled with the Fiber Optic Internet services supplied by Itellum which makes this location the perfect base for digital nomads.