Fiber optics came to revolutionize the way we connect to the internet, we can mainly measure its effect in the business environment where consumption and speed needs are greater.

Companies today handle most of their processes web-based, with automated solutions that run processes periodically or randomly and therefore require a faster response time and speed than with the previously used cable connection.

One of the biggest myths
is that Fiber Optics is not so accessible, either for a coverage issue or for a cost issue, for a long time it was considered that it was not so easy to access, however that is not the case today in day.

Itellum offers exceptional coverage in Costa Rica, where we currently provide services to companies where no one else dared to go. And if we talk about investment, it is undoubtedly another factor that, considering the correct parameters, will be very beneficial.

Clearly, a fiber optic service is not comparable to an ADSL connection service. By far its benefits are far from the previous one, since the data transmission capacity that it can achieve is infinitely greater and its impact is therefore very noticeable at the business level.

Sometimes cable companies or other companies sell “high speed” services as business services. What happens here is that you continue to be connected to a very saturated network, where you share with 20 or more users at the same time.

This is as if you let a large amount of water pass through a very small tube, in the end the thickness of the tube will determine the amount you receive, thus the case of a residential connection.

Itellum connects you 1: 1 International, which means you will never share your bandwidth with another user, and this is a radical difference when it comes to measuring connection performance.

Many companies that have started with these services continue to experience the same problems, inconsistent speeds and in times of high demand, recurring drops, this is because although they were sold a “higher speed” they still have a connection with little functionality.

When you analyze these numbers coldly, you realize that although fiber optics can be a little more “expensive” in comparison, when evaluating the productivity that it can generate, it ends up being by far the best option.

We will still have many myths that we will be dealing with but if you want to evacuate any questions about it, do not hesitate to contact us.