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Santa Ana: This small and picturesque city is a balance between traditional Costa Rican culture and modern comforts. Nicknamed the "Valley of the Sun", the city has professional golf courses, great gastronomic offerings, trade, and much more. Itellum has the capacity of nodes in this area to ensure the availability of our high demand Internet services.

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Santa Ana: This small and picturesque city is a balance between traditional Costa Rican culture and modern comforts and is just 16 kilometers, (10 miles) outside of the capital of San Jose. Bordered by the towns of Escazú, Belen, Alajuela and Ciudad Colón, what was once mostly farm country is growing to be one of the most desirable areas of the Central Valley. As of June 30, 2018, Santa Ana had an approximate population of 59,000 and climbing. The districts within Santa Ana are Piedades, Rio Oro, Uruca, Pozos, San Rafael, Saitral and Santa Ana Center. Nicknamed the "Valley of the Sun", it has a warmer climate than that of its neighbor, Escazú and has professional golf courses, great gastronomic offerings, commerce, "top-notch" medical facilities and much more.

Not only is Santa Ana becoming a sought-after "bedroom" community to the capital of San José, with it's numerous, new, medium to high-end condominium and retail developments, it is also the home of many international corporations. Companies such as Unisys, Kraft Foods, Oracle, Western Union, Proctor & Gamble, and many others that have main offices in the business park complexes of Forum 1 & 2. Other large corporations such as Matra, Holcim and, Helvex are also located in Santa Ana along with other industrial complexes housing medium and large local businesses. Many international call centers serving a variety of corporations and their client base are also reliant on internet via 1:1 international fiber optics available in Santa Ana that iTellum is known for.

The biggest attraction for the mid and larger companies is something iTellum likes to call “Internet Concierge”. The companies that are very reliant on internet, are less concerned about bargain internet service and prefer to invest in receiving a product that is promised and actually delivered. There are no shared connections with iTellum. They offer a comprehensive service from start to finish, managing the expectations of the corporate clients within their timelines. Contrary to all their competitors, the company only offers 1:1 international fiber optics connectivity, eliminating the sluggish connections experienced with shared internet connections.

iTellum has the capacity of nodes in this area to ensure the availability of the high demand for internet services. They've kept abreast of Santa Ana's development in order to facilitate the high internet traffic in the area and offer the fastest and most reliable internet in all the fiber cities in Costa Rica. A recent legislation requires all tax-paying entities to issue electronic invoices that are communicated to the Ministry of Hacienda. All the data of these individuals and companies are stored for a minimum of five years in the data center located in Forum 2 . The integrity of this storage and user access to same requires the high-level redundant quality and the faster, better, stronger internet and support that iTellum provides.

With the influx of these corporations and housing developments also comes a multitude of restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters, country clubs, sports complexes and, business and vacation hotels. The hotels in the area range from "boutique" to business, the latter catering to the commercial and industrial business in the area. iTellum offers fiber optic connectivity for hotels such as Aloft, Studio Hotel, Quality Hotel Real, Holiday Inn Express and a new hotel which is being built beside the shopping complex, City Place, among others. Hotels not only provide stable internet to their guests but also require it for daily operations. New retail complexes such as Terrazas Lindora, City Place, Momentum, and Town Center attract shoppers within Santa Ana as well as neighboring municipalities. It even has a Maserati dealership! The Hospital Metropolitano Lindora is also located here and the renowned Hospital Clinica Biblica has just completed a high-tech satellite hospital. Both these hospitals use state-of-the-art medical equipment and are heavy internet users that require the commercial grade connectivity that is available from iTellum’s network.

Residential developments are popping up all over the area as well as continued demand for older established communities such as Villa Real where high-end large luxury homes are plenty and command top dollar. There are many condominium complexes throughout Santa Ana in the valley areas and "eco-developments" in the mountains. The residents of these communities are mainly comprised of young to middle-aged professionals that demand stable, fast connections which translate to superior internet and is a prerequisite that developers have to provide to the population that lives there.

In addition, many private and international schools have chosen to locate here and more are being built. The Franz Liszt School, Pan American School, Tree of Life International School, New Way Highschool, Cedic School, United World College are just some of the educational facilities here. Berlitz, Conversa, Language Link and Academia de Ingles Atitlan are some of the best language schools in the country and have access to the iTellum network. As methods of disseminating information have changed and continue to move toward online educational platforms, schools simply cannot afford to have downtime with their internet connections. iTellum has that covered offering the best internet in Costa Rica.

However, the quaint Santa Ana still exists with its traditional home-style restaurants, parades, fiestas and farmers markets. Enjoy a traditional "Casado" at La Cabaña de Don Manuel or a coffee-roasted chicken at Pollos Malé. Dine in the extravagance of Doris Metropolitan, enjoying an exceptional "dry age" steak, or at Andiamo Lá with high Italian cuisine. And of course, the franchise chain restaurants such as McDonald's, Carl's Jr., Rosti Pollo, Applebee's, Taco Bell, and Subway are here, just to name a few. There is a wide selection of restaurants with trendy offerings, fast food and "típico" fare. Just about every restaurant in the area offers free internet to their customers, so having a company that can supply faster, better and stronger internet is a big plus.

You can visit the churches dating back to 1880, the seasonal markets, fairs, parks, and the traditional artisanal pottery and ceramics community. The artisan fair brings out many talented artists, painters, sculptors, woodworkers and traditional folkloric dances and dishes prepared onsite. Santa Ana has long been known for its onions and the onion fair celebrates that with similar offerings. All of these fairs have entertainment for children and adults alike and spotlight the contributors in the area. Amongst all of this, the area still has equestrian centers and a traditional "tope" or horse parade at least once a year. This is where you come to enjoy the high-stepping horses, food and drink and fun! The weekly agricultural farmers' market is in the center of Santa Ana as most of these activities are located. This Sunday market has a large number of local farmers selling produce including local fruits and vegetables, chicken, beef, pork, fish, and seafood. Also offered are fresh dairy products and some arts and crafts, baked goods, potted plants, and tropical fish.

In November of 2018, both the Bank of Costa Rica (BCR) and Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (BNCR) offered an alternative to paying cash at the market through their electronic payment system which is facilitated online through the national online banking system, SINPE. This new payment method represents a great convenience to the consumer and a benefit to the seller in tracking their sales.
The Municipality of Santa Ana launched a certification of sustainable agricultural practices that assures consumers of local products are cultivated under sustainable food safety standards. To date, 11 farming families are preparing to receive the seal for their "green" products.

The center of Santa Ana just completed a new community recreation / sports park in front of the church in November 2018. Previously a soccer field and a seasonal site for amusement fairs, it now has a basketball court, soccer field, bleachers, running track, area for vendors, green area, and fountains. There is also a rest area with shade trees and a children’s playground amongst other amenities. This facility is also wheelchair accessible, providing a central meeting place and recreational area for young and old alike and is a welcome addition to the community.

Another attraction that draws a lot of attention is located high above Santa Ana in the mountains. Many people visit the area for a place to picnic and enjoy the fabulous view of the entire Central Valley. Sometimes you are literally in the clouds. But there's something else that makes this place unique. It is Los Eólicas or the windmill farm/park that generates a significant energy saving which is fed back into the electrical grid. The data collected from these windmills is sent to a central computer which monitors and controls all aspects of their operation using internet. Internet via 1:1 International Fiber Optics is paramount in this situation.

The past meets the present in Santa Ana. Once a quaint farming community and a recreational destination, it is evolving into a sought-after location for mid to large size corporations and medium to high-end consumers while staying within a small distance from downtown San José and an hour and 15-minute drive to the beach.

All of this allows this western central valley town to maintain its traditional culture and charm while taking advantage of the fastest, most reliable internet in Santa Ana, Costa Rica provided by iTellum.