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Jaco: It is an important area of foreign investment especially in terms of the construction of beach hotels. It is among the top ten (10) Costa Rican cantons with the highest population growth index. Itellum has enhanced its infrastructure to meet the growing needs of Jaco. Our Internet services are in place to meet the ever-expanding requirements of this dynamic area.

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More information on Jaco, and Commercial Grade Internet

oday Jaco has numerous attractions including the best internet in Costa Rica, a service iTellum is proud to provide. Jaco and the surrounding area has long been the preferred beach vacation destination for many Costa Ricans from the central valley area. Even before the construction of highway 27 which cut the travel time by more than half, Jaco enjoyed the commerce that local tourists brought. It is one of the first beach areas in the Central Pacific to enjoy such popularity. Prior to the 1990s, Jaco was mostly undeveloped until Canadian and U.S tourists started flooding in on package tours. After the highway to the coast was built it became more accessible and enticed real estate and tourism developers. The population is quite transient due to its touristic base but permanent population hovers around 10,000 to 15,000. However, that number at least triples on the weekends and even more during high season.

Surrounded by other beach communities that also benefit from the Internet via 1:1 International Fiber Optics, Jaco has a multitude of amenities that attract investors to the area. The close proximity to the nation's capital makes it a viable location for extraordinary real estate development. New condominium complexes and resort-style hotels have been built both surrounding and within Jaco. To the north vacation properties like Punta Leona have been longtime getaways for those wanting a recreational home or vacation rental property. The “exclusive” white sand beach and hilltop properties are home to many exceptional homes and condominiums.

Superior internet in Jaco can be found at the high-end award-winning hotel, Villa Caletas, with its fabulous views, an amphitheater overlooking the ocean, sumptuous accommodations, and breath-taking architecture. This grand hotel is often the venue for luxurious weddings, honeymoons, corporate events and concerts all in a tropical setting of lush rainforest and the Pacific Ocean. Travelling south from the hotel, you will arrive at Playa Herradura, another well-known day-trip or weekend destination for locals and tourists alike. This area has seen an extreme transformation from a laid back fishing community to a thriving resort town. The Marriott Los Sueños Resort & Marina put this sleepy town on the map with it’s world-class La Iguana Golf Course, the best offshore marlin fishing and top-notch hotel. The 1,100-acre resort includes a state-of-the-art marina attracting luxury yachts and sportfishing fleets, a private beach club and the Marina Village complex with excellent restaurants, shops and services. With all this vibrant commercial activity, it’s no wonder the resort and environs have confidence in what iTellum calls “Internet Concierge”. A complex such as Los Sueños knows the value of receiving the redundant quality and best service and support that is promised rather than substandard services promised by other service providers at a competitive price. The ability to have hassle-free internet service from start to finish that accommodates is highly valuable to a project of this calibre and its environs. The resort is surrounded by numerous condominium developments in high demand internationally. Beyond the resort are even more condominiums and a shopping plaza with a large grocery chain, banks and other shops. iTellum is instrumental in providing internet for the hotels and medium and large businesses here.

In Jaco, Fiber optic internet connectivity is a must for Crocs Resort & Casino and surrounding condos, tourist accommodations and restaurants at the north end of Jaco. Crocs is an all-inclusive beachfront resort with a massive free-form pool, four restaurants, a casino and a 400-guest convention center. It attracts guests and businesses worldwide and is a popular destination for locals as well. Their clients depend on the commercial-grade internet Costa Rica offers when they travel. The reliance on state-of-the-art internet service is what fuels profits for the numerous tourist activities here. Getting hotels, restaurants, real estate, and tour operator information to the public is what gives momentum to commerce in Jaco. Walking down the “main drag” puts you in the center of a bustling commercial area. There is a large variety of surf shops, local craft and souvenir shops, clothing and beachwear, tour agencies, sports vehicle rentals, and a large selection of restaurants, bars and hotels. There are lots of choices of things to do in and around Jaco. And although there is a cornucopia of daytime activities, Jaco’s nightlife does not disappoint. If you love the party scene, you can find it in sports bars, night clubs, casinos and planned events every night of the week. Venues such as Le Loft, Orange Pub, Casino Cocal, Jaco Blu, Green Room, District One and Centerfolds, have everything from a game of billiards to live music and dancing, to your favorite sports on TV to “ladies of the evening”. If the bar scene is not your style, you can dine in some of the most elegant restaurants in the mountains or at seaside eateries and popular fast-food establishments. One can find food from Thailand, Japan, Italy, delicious international and local seafood dishes and more. Some of these options are Jerah, El Hicaco, Amancio’s, Tsunami Sushi and Lemon Zest, just to name a few. Many businesses have special offerings through social media accessible through the fastest and most reliable internet in Costa Rica via iTellum.

As for daytime “things to do” there is certainly no shortage. You can go for relaxing tours or high energy adventure. If you are a surfer, you’re in luck in Jaco and even more so in Playa Hermosa, just south about 5 minutes. Playa Hermosa is the most consistent beach in the country for great beach breaks at low and high tides. You may even see some tubular waves rolling in during optimum conditions. There’s an assortment of surf shops with boards for rent and sale in addition to surf lessons for the novice. Competitions are always a highlight here and many participants and observers make these events worthwhile. You can tour a national park, Carara National Park is just minutes away and there are tours to the crocodiles by the Tarcoles Bridge. An ATV tour through the rain forest, ziplining, horseback riding, aerial tram tours, waterfall and cliff rappelling, a trip to Tortuga Island on a catamaran or how about going fishing? If none of those activities inspires you, you can go paragliding and have your very own private aerial tour of Jaco. And that is a new annual event, here. The Jaco Air Fest is a celebration of everything that a human can fly — from hot air balloons, paragliding, to drones and skydiving, this is a new event that draws a lot of attention and big crowds.

But Jaco is not just about tourism. Part of the draw is the faster, better, stronger internet and support inherent in the service iTellum provides. Although there continues to be significant activity in investment in the hospitality/tourism sector, real estate development and the residential market are popular investments as well. The areas around Jaco along the coastline, both north and south, as well as Jaco itself, are highly sought after locations for developers and investors. In addition to the well-known developments surrounding The Marriott Resort in Herradura, condominium developments in the form of townhouses and towers have made their way into the market in this area. Apartments towers that did not exist even five years ago can be seen dotting the Jaco coastline. Some buyers are interested in residency in the area, however, others buy with the anticipation of owning a vacation home and an investment. Many apartments are used as vacation rentals the majority of the year and then for personal use when desired. The draw is to be able to have a beach property and revenue home with reliable internet that you can enjoy in your specific timeframe and yet still have an income from it. The concept works seamlessly when coupled with superior internet that gives people access to all the comforts and convenience they are accustomed to online. If you have to work a little on your vacation, what could be better than sitting on the balcony with your laptop, overlooking the ocean?

There are a few small shopping malls in the area with some interesting offerings and some unique designer shops you won’t find anywhere else. One can find an eclectic mix of talents that can only be experienced by visiting these stores. Whether you cruise the main strip or visit Jaco Walk, an open-air shopping mall with a wide-ranging mix of stores, restaurants, events and services, shopping is family-friendly here.

Much of the farmland in the immediate area have been sold and “repurposed” for real estate development of all kinds. As the population grows, more facilities are required to reach the needs of the residents and visitors to the area and commerce can’t survive without this progress.

With such an influx of foreign investment, commercial activity, tourism and growth, iTellum has enhanced its infrastructure in the area. A wide variety of businesses are attracted by the redundant quality of internet service and the focus on the best service and support that gives this coastal community a cutting edge.