Para comprender un poco más sobre la telefonía IP hay primero que comprender qué es y cuáles son sus principales beneficios.

In summary:

LIP telephony is telephony that works through the Internet. It can be used like traditional telephony (desktop phone) and that has the advantages of saving, geographic unlinking of the numbering; for example you can use a Madrid number from Costa Rica, and an endless number of telephone services.

Now, understanding all its advantages, the question is whether your company is a firm candidate to use this type of technology.

Companies that need IP Telephony

It is essential that you consider using IP telephony, if your company has any of the following characteristics:       

1. They use more than 1 phone simultaneously

If more than one call needs to be answered at the same time in the company, it means that you need IP telephony. IP telephony allows the company to have extensions and as many simultaneous calls as it needs at a very good price..

2. They use a traditional power station

By replacing the traditional exchange with a virtual exchange, companies improve performance, save and forget about maintenance.

3. They want to use numbers from other provinces or countries

As easy as hiring the phone number of the province or country where they have clients and using it from their headquarters. When operating through the Internet, it is not essential to be located in any specific place to use geographic numbering.

4. They want to use the company phone from home (or other locations)

Since IP telephony is not associated with any physical location, you can answer calls from work at home, on the street, second home, on a business trip. Where it is needed.

5. They have teleworkers

Linked to the previous point, IP telephony is widely used in companies where there are teleworkers. Thus, each teleworker can use a company extension and calls between extensions are free.

6. They have several locations

A company that has several branches can use a virtual switchboard for all its branches. And also the calls between their headquarters will be free. Even if the headquarters are in different countries.

7. They take calls from the mobile

It is very common for commercials and freelancers to spend little time in the office and answer calls when they are on the move. In these cases, the usual thing is to divert calls from the IP phone number to your mobile and answer calls wherever they are..

Sure, any company that begins to use IP telephony will see a very important impact on its performance and billing, but if you share some of these characteristics, it is vital that you are using this type of communication.

Of course, for this it is necessary that you have the appropriate Fiber Optic connection, since it is through your network that this can be successful.